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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Two seven inch fists

I found something I wrote on my iPod back I'm February.

Two seven inch fists

After a long morning of work, your stomach starts to growl. Look up at
the clock and you notice that its noon. Time to take lunch!

For me, I wait another hour, til one before I go get something to eat.
For two simple reasons. First, the crowds waiting in the shops have
dwindled and secondly because it leaves for a shorter day when I get
back. The third, unspoken reason is that tahira normally takes her
lunch around then. I get to talk to her for a few minutes before I go
back to work.

Now, onto my lunch

I went to Boloco, a burrito place across the street from my building.
The people there have seen me so often for breakfast and often times
lunch that they know how I order my drink. A rasberry smoothie with no

I walk in and I am caught in the tail end of the lunch suits. So, I
end up waiting longer than normal. No big deal. Its not cold outside,
its smells good inside and by the time I thought of waiting I am
through the line.

So, I have chosen my methods of madness. An original with beef and
guacamole and a buffalo with chicken. And, the smoothie.

Only good things happened from then on. I found my favorite seat in
the lunch room, I was full from eating. I have gum to clear my breath
from all the onions I ate and the sun was out while I ate.

I suggest doing if again, one a day even.

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